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Twelve Steps to Better Writing: No Barbed Wire Required

September 16, 2015


Writing is like

I’ve heard from some writers that they can only write when the mood strikes them and words magically flow from their fingertips onto the paper.

They say when that happens, no editing is needed; however, Truman Capote once quipped, “That’s not writing, that’s typing.” I’m in agreement. In fact, I’ve not met a single, published author who has ever said that their work comes effortlessly. In fact, just the opposite. Good writing may be a labor of love, no doubt, but with emphasis on the labor.

“Writing is like giving birth to a bale of barbed wire.” — Author Philip Yancey

It is fine to let the words flow, if they will, but then one must take time to massage the work, kneading it into a truly well-written piece. I find that editing and revising my work comes easier if I review it in twelve steps. Here are the steps that work for me:

  1. I review the piece first, just looking for uninteresting verbs and…

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